TT Electric locomotive class S499.02 ČSD IV #47480

11.10.2023 TT Electric locomotive class S499.02 ČSD IV #47480

The S 499.02 rolls up! The elegant Škoda locomotive as a TT model from PIKO  

47480 TT Electric locomotive class S499.02 ČSD IV 240,00 €
47481 TT Electric locomotive class S499.02 ČSD IV, incl. PSD XP S, PIKO TrainSound® onboard 360,00 €

The advantages of the PIKO model in key points

  • Completely new construction in 1:120
  • Filigree roof equipment
  • Driver's cab lighting digitally switchable
  • Silky smooth driving characteristics
  • Highest model quality with best operational suitability
  • Numerous filigree attachments for perfect prototype reproduction
  • Excellent price-performance ratio


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Some information about the prototype and model

As AC electrification progressed, the need for suitable locomotives grew at the ČSD. As a further development of the S499.0, the robust machines of the new S499.02 series were created in the mid-1970s. For cost reasons, the locomotive body was no longer made of fibreglass-reinforced plastic, but was once again conventionally made of steel sections and sheet metal. Apart from the sides, which were adorned with a wide ventilation grille band for cooling the transformer instead of the large windows, the locomotive body was similar to that of the DC locomotives of type E 469.3. 86 examples were put into service with the ČSD between 1975 and 1981 and used both in front of freight and passenger trains. In the 1980s, some of the locomotives received modern single-arm pantographs; from 1988, they were re-designated as class 242. After the dissolution of Czechoslovakia, all locomotives of the S499.02 series went to the Czech Railways (ČD) and are still in service there today. The delivery of the S499.0286 in 1981 marked the end of production of Škoda locomotives of the so-called First Generation.

Our prototype: Locomotive S499.0205 of the depot Plzeň

As with the prototype, the S499.02 is also a further development of the legendary "Laminátka" in the model. Thus, both series also share the sublime model quality. This becomes clear in the precise reproduction of the locomotive body with the striking continuous ventilation grilles, whose engravings give the model the highest plasticity. The small engine room windows above are perfectly flush. A special feature of the prototype is the framing of the front windows, which in the 1:120 scale is done justice to by a separately inserted frame. Matching to this, the vents next to the windows were also made as separate parts. Special attention was paid to the representation of the filigree running gear. Between the finely crafted bogies, the free-standing rods were also meticulously reproduced. Apart from the external qualities, the PIKO model is also technically convincing: On the models factory-equipped with a digital decoder, the lights in the driver's cabs and the engine room can be switched. In addition, the version with PIKO TrainSound® provides an authentic reproduction of the typical sounds of the prototype locomotive. Thanks to the Next18 interface, the analogue version can be equipped with a decoder in no time at all and then has the same light and sound functions.

With the S499.02, one of the most influential electric locomotives of the former Eastern Bloc rolls onto the tracks of nominal size TT as a perfectly shaped model.

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