H0 Expert Electric Locomotive class 1018 ÖBB IV #51142

11.10.2023 H0 Expert Electric Locomotive class 1018 ÖBB IV #51142

The 1018 rolls up! The elegant ÖBB express locomotive as H0 model from PIKO  

51142 Electric Locomotive class 1018 ÖBB IV 249,00 €
51143 ~Electric Locomotive class 1018 ÖBB IV 299,00 €
51144 Electric Locomotive class 1018 ÖBB IV , PIKO TrainSound® Onboard 359,00 €
51145 ~Electric Locomotive class 1018 ÖBB IV , PIKO TrainSound® Onboard 359,00 €

The advantages of the models in key points

  • Completely new design
  • Fine design of the roof equipment
  • Driver's cab and engine room lighting digitally switchable
  • Excellent driving characteristics with high tractive force
  • Numerous filigree etched parts
  • Excellent model quality


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» Fahrzeugheft Rh 1018 DE

» Fahrzeugheft Rh 1018 EN

Some information about the prototype and model

For use on the newly electrified Westbahn, the Austrian Federal Railways ordered eight locomotives based on the German E 18 from the Floridsdorf locomotive factory in 1937. The requirements of the line resulted in a wealth of modifications. Due to political developments, the Austrian locomotives were delivered to the German Reichsbahn from 1940. After the war, the Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB) classified the eight locomotives as series 1018. At ÖBB, they underwent a series of conversions. The most visible difference resulted from the redesign of the front ends. The main switch and other electrical components were also adapted to the ÖBB standard programme. The use of the 1018 ended in the early 1990s, although the 1018.05 was kept operational for nostalgic use until 2001.

Our prototype: 1018.07 of the Linz train depot in 1981 condition

The completely new construction of the ÖBB class 1018 perfectly reproduces the characteristic design of the elegant prototype and impresses with a variety of details on the body as well as in the undercarriage area. The fine wheel sets, the filigree reproduction of axle bearings and suspension or the complete brake system are to be emphasised here. The roof area was reproduced exactly according to the prototype, taking into account various special features. Among the highlights is also the extensively detailed design of the engine room and driver's cabs. The enclosed etched parts allow an even finer representation of the locomotive signs. Thanks to the zinc die-cast frame and the drive on four axles, the model convinces in layout use with excellent driving characteristics and enormous tractive power. In addition to the maintenance-free LED headlights, the locomotive has lights in the engine room and the driver's cabs. The analogue version can be easily retrofitted with a digital decoder in no time at all using the PluX22 interface. The items 51144 and 51145 have PIKO TrainSound® on board ex works and convince with finely tuned and authentic driving sounds.

The ÖBB 1018 brings powerful elegance to the model railway tracks, a highlight in the H0 scale that should not be missed!

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