N Diesel Locomotive Rh 600 NS III #40800

23.08.2023 N Diesel Locomotive Rh 600 NS III #40800

The NS Series 2000 diesel locomotive as an N model from PIKO.  

40800 N Diesel Locomotive Rh 600 NS III 190,00 €
40801 N Sound Diesel Locomotive Rh 600 NS III, incl. PIKO Sound-Decoder 300,00 €

The advantages of the PIKO model in key points

  • Completely new construction
  • Extremely sculptural engravings
  • Attached tail lights
  • Sophisticated and reliable drive technology
  • Filigree etched windscreen wipers and freestanding metal railings
  • Sound variant with modern PIKO
  • Excellent price-performance ratio


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Some information about the prototype and model

After the USA entered the Second World War, it was clear that suitable railway material would be needed. To meet the demand, vehicles from the domestic industry were looked at. The 65-DE-14 was shortlisted. Due to the high cab, however, it could not be used without restrictions, so that a further development was commissioned. The result was the 65-DE-19A. After the war, the Nederlandse Spoorwegen incorporated 19 locomotives of this type into the 600 series. Soon after taking over, it equipped its machines with new engines from Thomassen-Frichs. From then on, the remaining 18 locomotives were assigned to the 2000 series. Initially, the locomotives were deployed from Zwolle mainly in the east of the Netherlands and predominantly in freight traffic. Due to the rather low power of the 2000 series, heavier trains were often run with two engines. In 1955, the locomotives were transferred to Amsterdam. Between 1958 and 1960, all machines were taken out of service and scrapped. Only in 2018 did a 65-DE-19A find its way back to Europe as a designated museum locomotive of the Veluwsche Stoomtrein Maatschappij in Beekbergen.

Our prototype: Locomotive 612 in 1946 condition

Depending on the version, the model of the 65-DE-19A fits to layout themes from the USA and Europe. The 40800 as the 612 of the Nederlandse Spoorwegen is of course predestined for use on European layouts. The quality of the latest PIKO designs on a scale of 1:160 is consistently maintained: vivid engravings, especially on the front ends, filigree moulding in the area of the bogies and modern technology for propulsion and lighting. A special eye-catcher are the mounted and illuminated tail lanterns. The impression of the model is rounded off by painting and printing in the usual high PIKO quality. The proven PIKO motor with flywheel mass ensures silky smooth and extremely cultivated running characteristics. It drives all axles of the model. Likewise, all wheels serve a reliable power pick-up. To guarantee high tractive forces, the model has two traction tyres, depending on the version. The PIKO 65-DE-19A has a tidy circuit board with Next18 interface. The 40801, which is factory-equipped with a digital decoder, can also boast a throaty vehicle sound..

If you have a soft spot for American locomotives, you'll love the 65-DE-19A, as it manages the balancing act between the American way and good old Europe!

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