H0 Expert diesel locomotive D.141 FS #52440

21.12.2020 H0 Expert diesel locomotive D.141 FS #52440

The shunting locomotive D.141 is coming! The Italian shunting locomotive as Expert models from PIKO

52440 diesel locomotive D.141.1019 FS Ep. IV MSRP 229,99 €
52442 diesel locomotive/Sound D.141.1019 FS Ep. IV MSRP 319,99 €
52443 ~diesel locomotive/Sound D.141.1019 FS Ep. IV MSRP 329,99 €

The highlights of the model in key points

  • Completely new construction
  • Digitally switchable driver's cab and driver’s console
  • Delicately etched metal railings
  • Visible fan area
  • Cab with free view
  • Many attached details
  • Outstanding price-performance ratio


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Further information about the prototype and model

Starting in 1962, under the leadership of Fiat Grandi Motori, a total of 29 new diesel-electric locomotives were built by various Italian manufacturers for the FS state railroad. At the heart of the D.141 was a diesel engine built under license by Fiat and designed by Daimler-Benz, with an output of almost 600 hp. The machines were assigned to the depots in Venice, Verona, Genoa and Trieste. While the locomotives in Genoa and Trieste were mainly used in shunting service, they also hauled light freight and passenger trains from Venice and Verona. In line service, they were displaced from the mid-1970s onward by the more powerful D.345s. Until the turn of the millennium, the locomotives were in full demand in shunting service. With the subsequent decline in single car traffic, fewer shunting locomotives were needed, resulting in the first retirements.

Our prototype: Locomotive D.141.1019, stationed in Padua.

The D.141 of the FS from PIKO is already the second detailed mold novelty of an Italian vehicle. Manufacturing and quality are beyond any doubt. Various parts have been separately attached and previously painted by hand. The railings of the D.141 are extremely filigree and yet robust. In addition to the railings, the fans of the model are also etched from metal. These provide a view into the interior of the fan, which has also been reproduced. The windows of the driver's cab are polished without streaks and allow a view in and out. The illuminated drivers's console is duly set off by this. The driver's cab can also be illuminated digitally.

The engine in the model is powered by a powerful 5-pole motor with flywheel mass. In addition to excellent driving characteristics, this gives the motor smooth running and allows realistic shunting. Conversion to digital operation is a snap thanks to the user-friendly PluX22 plug-in interface. The installation of a loudspeaker is also possible and already prepared on the circuit board. Additional parts are included with the model for use in a showcase.

The PIKO model reproduces an early version of the versatile shunting diesel locomotive. True to the prototype with original roof and original handrails. Wind deflectors on the cab windows were not present at this time. The changed position of the windshield wipers was also taken into account. The lights change in contemporary LED technology in white/red and change with the direction of travel. In addition to the analogue DC version, a sound version with factory-installed decoder is available. The AC version also has an mfx-capable decoder with sound from the factory. The PIKO H0 Expert Diesel locomotive D.141 leaves nothing to be desired.

In addition to the early version of the D.141, a later variant appears exclusively for the Italian market. The exclu-sive model features modified handrails, a new roof with retaining lugs, rebuilt windshield wipers, wind deflec-tors, and protective mats on the fan grills. On the front of the locomotive, the protective mat is also let down.

The D.141 from PIKO is another worthy representative of the Italian State Railroad in 1:87 scale. The versatile shunting diesel locomotive will harmoniously blend into layouts and collections as an eye-catcher.

Sound sample: