H0 Expert diesel locomotive 216 010-9 DB #52400

22.09.2020 H0 Expert diesel locomotive 216 010-9 DB #52400

With corners and edges! The 216 010-9 of the DB as Expert model from PIKO

52400 Diesel locomotive BR 216 DB Ep. IV UVP 149,99 €
52401 ~Diesel locomotive BR 216 DB Ep. IV UVP 189,99 €
52402 Diesel locomotive/Sound BR 216 DB Ep. IV UVP 239,99 €
52403 ~Diesel locomotive/Sound BR 216 DB Ep. IV UVP 249,99 €

The advantages of the model in key points:

  • Completely new construction
  • Etched windscreen wipers, shunting steps and revolving plates
  • Detailed engine room interior and digitally switchable engine room lighting
  • Control desk lighting
  • A clear view through the machine room
  • Fine bogies
  • Many applied details
  • Excellent price-performance ratio


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Some information about the prototype and model:

As early as 1956, the diesel locomotive programme included a V 160 series for light service on main lines. From 1960 onwards, delivery of the pre-series locomotives began, which quickly gained the nickname "Lollo" due to their design. The V 160 010 was the last pre-series locomotive to receive the angular design that was to characterise the entire locomotive family. In the 1960s and 1970s, the V 160 and 216 developed into an important pillar of the German Federal Railways' express locomotive fleet for lines without contact wire.

Our prototype: DB locomotive 216 010-9. BD Essen, Bw Gels.-Bismarck, revision date June 28, 1973.

The beautifully designed locomotive impresses with its authentic paintwork and printing and many attractive details, e.g. cleanly polished engine room windows with a good view of the interior design and extremely detailed bogies with sharply engraved spring assemblies. The locomotive is driven by a powerful motor with two flywheels. For easy retrofitting of a digital decoder, the locomotive has a PluX22 interface. Retrofitting with sound is also possible without problems. Coupling hooks, brake hoses and heating plugs are included for showcase use.

The PIKO 216 comes with a wide range of separately attached components, including tank level indicators, air pipes, handgrips, sandboxes, brake shoes, axle bearing caps, nozzles, steps and a tank to match the 216 010. Thanks to the use of fine etched parts, unattractive protruding windscreen wipers are now a thing of the past on models of this locomotive type! The model has a driver's cab and engine room lighting, which is a very good feature of PIKO's new designs, as well as a driver's desk lighting system that adds to the fun of the locomotive. The sound was sampled by PIKO experts especially for the pre-series locomotive! This makes the PIKO 216 a visual and acoustic highlight on any layout!

With the new diesel locomotive 216 010-9 from PIKO, railway enthusiasts now have a contemporary, detailed, large-series model of this striking locomotive at their disposal for the first time. By redesigning this important vehicle type, PIKO once again closes a gap in milestones of locomotive development. The design team has implemented the special shape of the prototype in outstanding quality in the model, thereby redefining the standard for H0 large-series locomotives of the entire locomotive family. The successful PIKO model also impresses with its clean printing, very good running characteristics and many technical possibilities in digital operation. Furthermore, with this locomotive, PIKO achieves an incomparable price/performance ratio with models of the DB class 215 to 218. It was worth the wait! Look forward to the new 216 from PIKO!