H0 Expert Eurofima cars #58530

20.08.2020 H0 Expert Eurofima cars #58530

The Eurofima cars as expert models from PIKO

58530 Express train car Eurofima 1st class DB era IV MSRP 59,99 €    

The advantages of the model in key points

  • Completely new construction
  • True to scale implementation
  • Many attached details
  • Finest paintwork and printing
  • Delicate bogies
  • Excellent rolling characteristics
  • Great price-performance ratio


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Some information about the prototype and model

In the 1970s, a number of European railway administrations jointly ordered a new series of comfort coaches for international transport. A new design (orange with a grey stripe) was created for a uniform appearance, but this was not used by all railway administrations. Furthermore, DB, SBB and SNCF ordered only 1st class coaches to supplement their respective fleets.

The true-to-scale Eurofima cars sensibly extend the much praised IC'79 cars by the legendary Avmz 207. Furthermore, further variants of the car offer new possibilities to form many international long-distance trains with the excellent PIKO models.

Our car: Avmz207, Car number 61 80 19-90 541-2, Stationed in München-Pasing, set in IC 586 Ernst Barlach.

The attractive vehicle is characterised by its precise design and authentic paintwork and printing and appears in the usual detailed and filigree finish of the Expert range. The Eurofima car has a matching interior design, sharply engraved bogies and specially attached handlebars. Retrofitting with LED interior lighting (item no. 56294), rear lighting (item no. 56296) and the PIKO close couplers (item no. 56046, current-carrying item no. 56047) is possible without any problems

The PIKO Expert car convinces with correct lettering, sharp colour separating edges, proportions that are in keeping with the original and many extra details such as steps, WC downpipes and door handrails. The magnetic rail brakes, anti-roll and shock absorbers, which are also applied, make the replica of the FIAT bogies a feast for the eyes. As a special feature, the couplings already have small devices ex works, which make wiring with current-carrying couplings much easier. So nothing stands in the way of an interesting night operation with interior lighting and rear lighting. Further variants to appear in 2020 are PIKO Eurofima cars in versions for SBB, ÖBB and FS. All cars can be converted for AC operation with exchangeable axles and corresponding sliders.

With the newly constructed Eurofima car, PIKO provides model railway enthusiasts of national and international express trains with an ideal vehicle in a high-quality and detailed design. With its outstanding rolling characteristics, the true-to-scale vehicle promises long-lasting fun. The DB cars have been adapted to the existing IC'79 cars in their lettering and thus perfectly complement the PIKO IC Ernst Barlach! With the new PIKO close couplers, a particularly harmonious overall picture is created in the train formation. The PIKO BR 103 is a powerful and authentic cult locomotive for the interesting DB Intercity from era IV.