H0 Expert Electric Locomotive Rh 1100 NS #51360

06.02.2020 H0 Expert Electric Locomotive Rh 1100 NS #51360

Electric Locomotive Rh 1100 –The cult locomotive for passenger transport of the Dutch National Railways

51360 Electric Locomotive Rh 1100 NS Ep. IV UVP 189,99 €    
51361 ~Electric Locomotive Rh 1100 NS Ep. IV UVP 229,99 €
51362 Electric Locomotive / Sound Rh 1100 NS Ep. IV UVP 279,99 €        
51363 ~Electric Locomotive / Sound Rh 1100 NS Ep. IV UVP 289,99 €         

The advantages of the PIKO model in key points:

  • Completely new construction
  • Delicate pantographs and isolators
  • Digitally switchable lighting in the driver‘s cabin and for the engine room
  • Sharply engraved bogie
  • Strong motors with 2 flywheel
  • Excellent price-performance ratio


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» PIKO vehicle information booklet Rh 1100

» PIKO vehicle information booklet Rh 1100 EN

» PIKO vehicle information booklet Rh 1100 NL

» PIKO vehicle information booklet Rh 1100 IT

Some information about the prototype and model:

With the extensive electrification of railway lines in the Netherlands after the Second World War, electric locomotives had to be procured as quickly as possible by the Nederlandse Spoorwegen. The 60 new series 1100 electric locomotives ordered in 1948 are based on the original design of the French BB 8100.

The first 50 NS locomotives and the French locomotives were built simultaneously by Alsthom in France between 1948 and 1952. The ten remaining locomotives for the Netherlands were not delivered until 1956. Initially the locomotives were painted turquoise, but since this was very sensitive to dirt, the locomotives were painted in Prussian blue from the mid-1950s. From the 1970s onwards, many vehicles were repainted in the new NS house colours yellow-grey. Gradually, all locomotives were rebuilt and equipped with a front end at each driver‘s cab to protect the drivers in rear-end collisions. By 1981, all 58 locomotives still available had been modernised accordingly.

The cult electric locomotives weighing up to 83 tons and capable of speeds of up to 130 km/h, depending on the version, represented the backbone of electric rail traffic in the Netherlands for decades before all types of trains, and were only displaced into subordinate services by the 1600 series in the 1980s. The last 1100s were taken out of service in 1999, and some of the locomotives have been preserved in museums.

The PIKO Expert model of the series 1100 of the Dutch State Railways NS convinces through a successful mould construction with harmonious roof curves and many attached parts, such as fine insulators and pantographs as well as free-standing handle bars and stairs. The model has the matching lamp shapes, sharply engraved bogie covers with realistic spring pack replicas and true-to-original replicas of the buffer planks.

The lighting is provided by LEDs. The driver‘s cab and engine room lighting as well as the front and rear lights, which function depending on the direction of travel, can be digitally switched with a PluX22 decoder. The heavy die-cast zinc frame and the engine with two large, precisely balanced flywheels ensure excellent driving characteristics and high tractive forces. The model has a tidy circuit board with PluX22 interface and is prepared for easy retrofitting with a sound decoder. The sound versions of the PIKO Rh 1100 are already equipped with a PIKO SmartDecoder 4.1 Sound PluX22 of the latest generation as well as matching speakers. The AC versions already have a matching mfx-compatible PluX22 decoder ex works.