N Skirted passenger cars type 42 #40620

07.02.2020 N Skirted passenger cars type 42 #40620

Skirted passenger cars type 42 –The ideal additions for the PIKO locomotives of the Class 221

40620 Skirted passenger car 2. Kl. DB Ep. IV UVP 49,99 €    
40621 2-car set Skirted passenger cars 1st/2nd class DB, IV UVP 99,99 €
40622 2-car set Skirted passenger cars 1st/2nd class ÖBB, III UVP 99,99 €                 

The advantages of the PIKO model in key points:

  • Completely new construction
  • Precisely engraved body
  • Finest painting and printing
  • Detailed bogies
  • Possible retrofitting with LED lighting
  • Excellent price-performance ratio


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» PIKO vehicle information booklet N Skirted passenger cars

» PIKO vehicle information booklet N Skirted passenger cars EN

» PIKO vehicle information booklet N Skirted passenger cars IT

Some information about the prototype and model:

At the beginning of the 1930s, the DRG began building four-axle express train coaches to replace the older state railway designs with their three-axle running gear with more comfortable designs. Thus, over a period of about 15 years, various types of express train coaches were developed, culminating in the coaches of the type 42.

Externally, vehicles from the streamlined era are distinguished from their predeces-sors by the skirt below the frame line. Görlitz III type bogies were used for the run-ning gear. The express train coaches of the pre-war types were modernised at the Bundesbahn and received new interior fittings with upholstered seats. With the beginning of Era IV, the designation of the express train coaches often used during the war was The Type 42 was taken out of service in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

The newly designed PIKO skirted cable carriages in scale N are an excellent repro-duction of the original and fill a large gap in the fleet of vehicles in scale 1:160. The body impresses with its sharp and precise engravings, which have a pleasantly plastic effect, especially on the bogies and in the door area, thus decisively shaping the harmonious appearance.

The surface finish of the carriages consists of an extremely fine paint finish, to which an absolutely contour-sharp print has been applied. An optional LED interior lighting system for the cars, which can be retrofitted with a few simple steps, provides additi-onal atmosphere when the cars are used on your layout.

The cars are the ideal addition to the PIKO N-scale locomotives of the Class V200.1 (#40502/#40503) and Class 221 (#40500/#40501).