H0 Expert diesel railcar VT 2.09 #52880

10.10.2019 H0 Expert diesel railcar VT 2.09 #52880

VT 2.09 - the cult railcar "Piglet taxi" (German: "Ferkeltaxe") of the DR as H0 model by PIKO

52880 Diesel railcar VT 2.09 period III RRP 219,99 €    
52881 ~Diesel railcar VT 2.09 period III RRP 259,99 €
52882 Diesel railcar / sound VT 2.09 period III RRP 309,99 €        
52883 ~~ Diesel railcar / sound VT 2.09 period III RRP 319,99 €         

The advantages of the PIKO model in key points:

  • Completely new design
  • High operational suitability
  • Digitally switchable interior lighting
  • Built-in buffer condenser
  • Clear view through the passenger compartments even with built-in decoder
  • Intelligent control logic for lighting functions
  • Excellent price-performance ratio


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Some information about the prototype and the model:

After the Second World War, only a small number of combustion railcars were available to the DR from 1949, but due to war damage, among other things, they were often not fully operational. Since the Reichsbahn urgently needed railcars for a rationalization on branch lines, VEB Waggonbau Bautzen developed the so-called VT 2.09 light combustion railcars in 1955. Series production began in 1963. The rail buses, also known as "piglet taxis", soon shaped the appearance of the DR on branch lines between theBaltic coast and the Thuringian Forest, Rügen and Erzgebirge

Our prototypes: Railcar VT 2.09.239 and control car VS 2.08.239 of the German Reichsbahn. Depot Templin, Raw Wittenberge.

With the newly designed model of the rail bus VT 2.09 of the German Reichsbahn, the friends of the Reichsbahn now have a modern model of the well-known piglet taxi at their disposal which is also suitable for operation. After the development of the innovative control logic of the DB rail bus, for which PIKO was awarded the Golden Track 2017, the widely used counterpart from East Germany now appears in detail with a corresponding logic. The lighting functions of both vehicles are intelligently controlled. The traction unit automatically registers whether a control car is attached and then switches off the front lighting betweenthe vehicles. The railcar is driven by a powerful miniature motor, which is equipped with flywheels for perfect driving characteristics and has a factory-installed buffer capacitor for optimum driving characteristicsin digital operation. The drive works on both axles of the railcar. The railcars and control cars can be coupled to each other via a barely visible current-conducting close coupler and are therefore tightly coupled to the prototype. The PIKO Piglet Taxi is prepared for uncomplicated retrofitting with sound and the largest possible loudspeaker. The AC versions are already equipped with a suitable mfx PluX22 decoder. Equippedwith interior lighting as standard.

The PIKO railcars, which are perfectly matched, have many applied details that make the railcar a real gem.The model convinces with specially mounted windscreen wipers, cuckoo fans, fans, multiple sockets, stopcocks, toilet pipes, replicas of the Scharfenberg couplers and a detailed floor assembly. Even the driver's seats as well as the magnetic brakes, the oil tank and the sandboxes of the motor car are individually designed and the decorative strips underneath the window parapet are reproduced in a model-like manner. In addition, the multiple-unit train has a clear view through the vehicle with simulated deep seats.

Why the model should not be missing on your layout:

With the VT 2.09 another model of a cult vehicle from the former GDR appears in a contemporary and lovingly detailed conversion of the original. The harmonious colour scheme, flawlessly correct printing, crystal-clear windows and many attached parts make the railcar a jewel on every layout and now embody real Reichsbahn flair in an innovative design suitable for operation!

Video vom Modell: